Why Should You Get Car Battery Service?

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Whether you are preparing for a road trip with the family or just need to make it through your daily commute, few things feel more depleting than a car that won’t start. Aside from regular maintenance, there are several ways you can stay informed on how your battery is holding up.

Let’s explore what your battery does and how you can tell if it’s dying.

Why Car Battery Service Matters

What Is a Car Battery?

When you put the key in the ignition and start up your vehicle, the battery is what gets everything moving. If you have a dead or dying battery, this process won’t go smoothly if it happens at all. Batteries are designed to last around 6 years, but it’s always smart to keep an eye out.

What Affects the Battery?

When the car is active, many of the other components take over, but when the vehicle is off, anything that is running is being powered by the battery. If you leave interior lights or headlights on, they will drain the battery. Leaving electronics plugged into your charger can also draw on your battery.

In extreme cold, your battery’s solution may not transfer power as effectively. Using a battery heater can help get the solution moving as it should. On the other hand, extreme heat can evaporate the solution. A temporary solution is adding deionized or demineralized water, but you’ll need to bring it in for service soon.

Is It My Battery?

There are plenty of warning signs for when your battery is struggling or dead. Your dashboard may display an alert, which means you should bring it in to get looked at immediately. If your vehicle is slow cranking or cranking laboriously without turning on, your battery likely needs to be replaced.

If your vehicle starts inconsistently, there may be a problem with your battery. Whether a component is loose or it is low on power, take it to a battery expert. You may even notice a rotten egg smell. This is a symptom of water evaporation within the battery.

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