Whether New Or Used, Kia Is Fit For A King

Kias are known to be surprisingly spacious, but some striking new evidence shows just how roomy they really are.

NBA superstar Lebron James was recently seen sliding his 6’ 8”, 250-lb. frame into a Kia. And no, this wasn’t one of James’ Kia commercials like the one above, an endorsement deal the reigning NBA champion has held since 2014. The footage was captured by James’ Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Richard Jefferson, who eagerly posted the evidence to Snapchat.

That’s right. James, who is estimated to have a net worth somewhere north of $220 million, really does roll around in a Kia. The video lays to rest plenty of doubt about whether the mega-rich and mega-famous James actually drives the car he endorses, something Kia lightheartedly addressed in one of its commercials. Granted the Kia model James was spotted in was the new K900 and not a five-year old used Kia.

It makes you wonder how many other celebrities drive a Kia. The manufacturer has been endorsed by NBA star Blake Griffin, professional golfer Michelle Wie, tennis player Rafael Nadal and actor Pierce Brosnan. We already know actress Angela Lansbury gets around in a Kia Soul, and she’s not even on the Kia payroll.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves: If a Kia is cool enough for King James, even a used Kia is the perfect car for anyone. What could be cooler than a reliable car at a great value?

Come to Union County Kia to see our inventory of new and used Kia models and take one for a test drive today. You might just find one fit for a king.

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