Why You Should Thank the Kia GT4 Stinger for Kia’s Evolution

A concept Kia Stinger car

Kia and Hyundai vehicles used to be hard to tell apart, but in 2003, the first joint global design chief at Hyundai and Kia, Peter Schreyer, got to work redefining each brand.

Schreyer describes Kia as sportier, more angular, and more affordable than Hyundai.  With a new designer, and a new world of cars to be explored, Kia eagerly jumped on this re-branding train.

Jump forward to 2014, and Kia was ready to develop its own sporty reputation. A pleasant surprise for everyone, Kia introduced the GT4 Stinger concept car.

This new Kia sports coupe was all about getting back to the basics of sports car design.

Kia embraced its sporty design heritage with the interior of the GT4 Stinger. This coupe featured racecar-inspired red pull straps instead of door handles and an LED-illuminated instrument panel.

The exterior is simple, innovative, and stunning. A signature grille and vertical LED headlights give the face of the GT4 Stinger a distinctive look. The silhouette of the Stinger nods to the Kia Soul with aggressive curves and lines. Presented in classic “Ignition Yellow,” the GT4 Stinger is all about speed and power.

In terms of performance, the GT4 Stinger offers:

  • 2.0L turbocharged engine
  • 315 horsepower
  • 6-speed manual transmission

With such powerful specs, the Stinger would have been a serious sports car contender.

So you may be asking “when is the GT4 Stinger coming out?” Well, unfortunately, GT4 Stinger production has been put on hold — possibly forever. Despite overwhelming desire for a sports coupe from Kia, Kia America’s head of production planning, Orth Hendrick, does not believe the market is strong enough to justify the production of a coupe.

Kia intends to stay sporty, but with a sedan instead.

While we won’t be getting a sports coupe from Kia any time soon, it has recently been announced that a different Kia concept car is actually going to production — the Kia GT. The GT is a 4-door sports sedan that perfectly blends luxury and performance.

Rumored to have a release date tentatively scheduled in 2017, the GT will offer a variety of engines like 2.0L, 2.2L, and 3.0L V6. While there are no released specs on horsepower or torque, it is safe to assume that this concept sports sedan won’t disappoint.

Every line of the Kia GT moves with an innovative energy, while every curve flows with imagination. Similarly to the GT4 Stinger, the GT features rear-wheel drive for the best possible driving experience. Kia keeps it sporty with a long wheelbase, set-back cabin position, extended bonnet, and short front overhang. Also featured in the concept design are suicide doors that add a level of sporty sophistication to the GT.

Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer claims, “which ever way you look at it, this concept car is roaring with energy, ready for take off.”

The interior of the GT features transparent LED technology on the instrument cluster, plus fewer overall dials and switches for improved convenience. The seats appear floating, helping create a seamless flow throughout the vehicle.

Although there has been no official announcement, fans are hopeful that Kia will keep the GT at an affordable price as Kia’s are known for producing inexpensive, quality vehicles.

Kia tries its hand at a luxury sedan with the K900.

Both the GT4 Stinger and GT have rear-wheel drive in their concepts, but the 2016 K900 is the first Kia to actually deliver. While Kia hopes to become a brand known for sportscars, for now consumers will just have to enjoy the immense luxury the K900 offers.

So how does Kia define luxury with the K900?

  • A foam-padded cabin for insulation
  • Laminated windshield and side windows for a quiet ride
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Genuine wood trim accents
  • Available supple Nappa leather seats

While the K900 certainly offers a plethora of luxury features it also packs a punch in the performance department. Equipped with a 3.8L V6 engine that boasts 311 horsepower and 293 lb.-ft. of torque, you can’t go wrong with this luxury four-door sedan.

Also enjoy the latest advanced car technology such as:

  • Lexicon® Discrete Logic7® Surround Sound System
  • Parking Assist
  • Front & Rear Camera Display
  • Lane Departure Warning System

No matter which Kia you choose you can be confident that was designed for you, the driver. High quality, sporty, affordable — what else could you ask for in a brand?

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