Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Kia?

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Start looking for your next Kia to drive around Charlotte, and you will likely find yourself wondering if you should buy or lease. This is a tough decision for many people, and there is no easy answer. After all, some people will do to buy while others will prefer to lease a vehicle.

Benefits of Leasing

More Affordable

Those on a budget tend to strongly consider leasing a Kia since it is much more affordable. You will pay less initially on the down payment and then pay lower monthly fees.

Get a Better Vehicle

Because leasing is more affordable, you can frequently lease a more expensive Kia than you would be able to buy.

Change Your Vehicle

It is also much easier to get a new vehicle in a few years if you choose to lease your Kia instead of buying it. A lease only lasts for several years, at which point you can simply sign a new lease for a new vehicle.

Benefits of Buying

Can Customize

If you want to customize your Kia and make any changes to it, then you need to buy. Leases don’t allow for changes to the interior, exterior, or mechanics, but you can do whatever you want to the car you own.

No Mileage Limits

Leases tend to include mileage limits and fees if you go over. When you own a car, however, you can drive as much as you want without any extra fees, including long commutes and road trips.

No Worry of Wear and Tear

The same is true for wear and tear. If you have an excessive amount on your vehicle during a lease, you will be charged. If you accidentally rip the seats and own your vehicle, however, you only have to fix it if you want to.

Eventually Stop Paying

While buying your Kia costs more, eventually you won’t have to make any more payments. Once you have paid for the entire thing, you only have to worry about gas and maintenance costs.

Should You Lease or Buy?

Families with Kids and Pets

To help you choose between lease vs. buy options for your Kia, consider a few examples. Let’s say you have several young kids who tend to spill food in the car or maybe you have a dog that may rip up the seats by accident. Buying a Kia will save you wear-and-tear charges.

Always Want the Latest

Now imagine you are someone who always wants to have the latest styling and technology. When a new phone comes out, you are first in line. In this case, you will want to lease since you can drive a new car for a year or two, then get the latest model without having to pay extra.

Get More Options with Financing

Whether you buy or lease your Kia, you can get some help from the financing department at Union County Kia. If you think that you have to lease because you can’t afford to buy, talk to the team about an auto loan, and you may be surprised to discover how many options you have. Contact our finance department to get the best deals on your Kia, whether you are leasing or buying.

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