Experience the New Kia Niro Hybrid Crossover

2017 Kia Niro hybrid suv crossover in blue green

Kia has recently announced plans to roll out its brand-new hybrid crossover utility vehicle — Niro — for its 2017 model lineup. The Niro is ideal for drivers seeking both quality engineering and an ecologically friendly experience. Get ready today for the market-changing Kia Niro.

New Kia Niro Hybrid Specs

Engineering the Future of Driving

Kia has long been known for its well-engineered vehicles, but the Niro brings the company’s portfolio to another echelon of automobile development. The Niro boasts Kia’s newly engineered 1.7L Kappa GDI Engine, which blends the potency of a gasoline engine with the increased torque and efficiency of an electric engine. Its method of direct injection into the combustion chamber allows for greater fuel efficiency while sacrificing virtually none of the performance power.

A Lot of Vehicle for a Little Eco-Footprint

Increasingly stringent standards on vehicular emissions have been tough for many crossovers and SUVs as they often can’t boast the MPG of smaller sedans. However, the 2017 Kia Niro has no problem exceeding the smaller MPGs of its competitors. Kia estimates that its Niro will boast a combined 50 MPG average for both city and highway driving, which translates into fewer emissions and greater savings for you.

That’s a Hybrid?

Most consumers are able to spot clunky hybrids without a problem. Their square, boxy designs sacrifice looks for utility. With the Kia Niro, designers and engineers came together to create a sleek and modern aesthetic. It boasts intelligence and luxury without sacrificing all the advantages of its hybrid gas-electric engine and ample cargo space for all of your adventures.

If you’re not looking for the size of the Kia Niro, there are other eco-friendly models available here at Union County Kia. Ask some of the friendly, helpful sales staff for assistance matching your needs with other available Kia models like the 105 MPG Soul EV or the 38 MPG Optima Hybrid, and make sure to ask when they expect the groundbreaking new Niro will hit the showroom floor.

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